Fortnite - The Iris Pack (DLC) (Xbox One)

Fortnite - The Iris Pack (DLC) (Xbox One)
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Fortnite - The Iris Pack (Xbox One)

Engage the competition with the Fortnite – The Iris Pack (Xbox One) and receive a great Fortnite content bundle for starters! This purchase includes the following:

  •  600 V-Bucks;
  •  Iris Outfit (includes additional style);
  •  Roundabout Back Bling;
  •  Pop Axe Pickaxe.

With this pack, you’ll receive not only the charming Fortnite Iris skin of a blue-haired girl but also a cool looking Roundabout Back Bling, Pop Axe Pickaxe and most importantly – 600 V-Bucks! Considering the price of the pack, this is one hell of a deal. You will be just a few steps away from the battles pass, as you can collect the remaining V-Bucks for free via the in-game progression system. Therefore, the benefits of buying Fortnite - The Iris Pack DLC bundle will eventually grant you more content than the pack originally includes!

Enjoy your new outfit on the Battle Royale!

Dress up with your new Fortnite Iris skin, turn your character into a cute blue-haired girl with a hoody and immerse yourself into the world of Fortnite! The game features three modes: Save the World, Creative and the most popular of the bunch – Battle Royale. Play Solo or form a squad with friends and fight on the remote island until only you remain alive! Enjoy a game with a rewarding progression system, a variety of content, and unique building mechanics inspired by games like Minecraft. Fortnite’s stylish cartoony graphics reminiscent of games like Overwatch or Team Fortress 2, bring cosmetic items like the Fortnite Iris skin to life like nothing else! You can also customize your look by picking between two styles of the same outfit.

Increase your account by 600 V-Bucks!

First, what are V-Bucks? The answer is simple – it’s an in-game currency that is usually obtained through purchasing it with real money. While the base Fortnite game is completely free of charge, skins, emotes, gliders, sprays, harvesting tools, and other cosmetic items can only be bought with V-Bucks. It’s possible to unlock a limited amount of V-Bucks for free via the progression system, but if you buy the Fortnite Iris skin pack, you’ll obtain 600 V-Bucks much easier and faster. If the selection on the in-game Item Shop is not enough for you, be sure to come back on Eneba and browse through the great offers we have in our Fortnite skins and V-Bucks collection!

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