Planet Coaster - Console Edition (PS4)

Planet Coaster - Console Edition (PS4)
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Planet Coaster: Console Edition

Frontier Developments presents a coaster park simulation with a myriad of creative options that don’t limit the imagination! The most important objective here is to create a vision in your mind of a perfect coaster park where people’s screams of excitement and terror would echo all the time. Buy Planet Coaster: Console Edition (Xbox One) key and begin your career as a professional engineer of coaster parks because this is exactly what the game makes you feel like with extensive building and customization tools! Are you ready to design the greatest coaster park the world has ever seen?

Major gameplay features

Planet Coaster: Console Edition key offers engaging gameplay features to enjoy as you spend your time building intricate roller-coasters and what not! Innovation, immersion, and generosity are the words that best describe the features you get to enjoy in this simulation:

  •  Your imagination the only limit. With such an impressive assortment of creative tools, only your imagination can stand in the way of utilizing the full potential of these choices;
  •  Pre-built blueprints. In case you feel intimidated by starting from scratch, there are hundreds of pre-build blueprints that you can use as the basis for your coaster park;
  •  Frontier Workshop. In Frontier Workshop you can download a plethora of creations designed by other players or upload your own masterpieces;
  •  Career mode. You can engage in a Career mode that has plenty of challenges to offer as you are trying to make your way in the business of coaster parks;
  •  Cheaper Planet Coaster: Console Edition price.

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